Overview of XingBao Global

  • Is a subsidiary of the parent company Lepin brand
  • Following the trend of developing safe, educational toys that help children develop intellectually, XingBao focuses on research and production of Lego compatible assemblies for children over 5 years of age. good quality, cheap – affordable.
  • XingBao assembled puzzle toys are sold worldwide and assembled by Lego assemblage communities. XingBao only produces Lego MOC models designed by the player.
  • We, XingBao introduce and retail the latest Lepin Lego compatible assemblies with the lowest price shock to consumers.
  • XingBao also distributes, wholesalers, wholesalers for agents need a safe source of abundant, stable, good price.

Products of Xingbao

  • Xingbao MOC assemblies include Lego themes such as Lego Castle, Lego Creator, Lego City, Lego Minecraft and Lego Technic.

Characteristic box layout toys assembled XingBao

The outer box of XingBao assembled pile assemblies made of hard cardboard, beautiful color printing, polished nylon coated, above printed information:
  • Company name and logo
  • age appropriate to play
  • piece number
  • code of the product
  • A snapshot of the product model after having assembled it in multiple angles
  • The product name is translated into many languages
  • Childhood under age 3 warning signs (due to small pieces) in many languages
  • Hazard symbols for children under 3 years of age, recyclable product symbols, symbols of CE, CCC

How to pack XingBao assembled toys

  • The sets are arranged in a two-layer carton box, the upper layer contains the assembly instructions, the lower layers contain the assembled blocks.
  • Large assembly blocks (such as baseplates, boat frames, masts, etc.) are placed directly inside the carton box.
  • Medium sized blocks (such as motors, batteries, etc.) are placed in a zip pocket (lockable nylon bag).
  • Small assembled blocks are housed in torn nylon bags. These bags can be numbered with the Lego code

Characteristics of the Xingbao assembly block assembly

  • Quality as Lepin by the same parent company.
  • The color of the assembly block assembly XingBao beautiful beautiful, innocent, impeccable to be anywhere! Color quality stands at the top of the charts and is comparable to the genuine Lego.
  • The XingBao assembly blocks are made of pure ABS plastic with no child, no toxic, durable under the physical effect (cars run through the star), durable color over time and temperature ( rinse hot water) similar to the genuine Lego.
  • Slabs, blocks of the same size, thickness of plastic, both fit and compatible. Lego completely mixed with glossy surface, no excess resin, no sharp edges.
  • At the bottom of each piece of plastic, the plastic block embossed the block code of the manufacturer.
  • The high precision dimension of the block assembly assembly XingBao is the favorite factor leading of the Lego players. This is a required condition for large Lego models to be assembled firmly.

Features of XingBao’s Assembly Guide

  • Printed in full color
  • With large assemblies, the outer cover of the guide is coated with glossy nylon.

Concluded about XingBao experts

  • Xingbao is well-rated by the Lego assemblage community and is EXCELLENT compared to the money paid by the Lego community in 2015 , 2014 , 2013.
  • Comparing the quality of Lego assemblies for children over 3 years of age, XingBao has the same quality of Decool, Lepin and Lego and Xiaomi Mitu Builder.
  • About the beauty of packaging: XingBao packaging according to own standards, pretty pretty near the Xiaomi Mitu Builder.
  • XingBao’s MOC models are unique in the market, unmatched and of extremely high quality at an unbeatable price.